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Greenhill Towers in Addison Leads Offices in the Transition Back to Work

For building owners who need a plan, Greenhill Towers provides clear cut solutions and safety initiatives to prepare their spaces for their tenants’ transition back to work.

Addison, TX – Flagship commercial property Greenhill Towers and its sister building at 511 E John Carpenter have demonstrated an enduring commitment to leadership while the work environment for millions of businesses continues to change. Ownership group of the towers, Codina Partners Greenhill is striving to jump start an extensive Healthy Building Initiative to relieve the pressure many tenants face in bringing their employees back to work. To kick it off, Codina Partners Greenhill Senior Advisor, Johnny Winton, and Greenhill Towers tenant, Amy Hall, appeared on Good Morning Texas to chat about the ongoing support commercial properties can provide to anxious businesses.

Greenhill Towers has been highly awarded for its dedication to tenant partners. With the help of Crescent Property Services, the commercial establishment is once again stepping up for its tenants in the face of the pandemic. To establish COVID-19 preventative measures, Greenhill Towers sent out a survey to tenants and researched the latest advancements COVID-19 related sanitation processes and technological solutions.

Under the Healthy Building Initiative, Greenhill Towers increased building wide maintenance, including sanitizing high touch point areas according to CDC cleaning guidelines. Following the latest technological findings on COVID-19 prevention, Greenhill Towers enhanced air filtration in all buildings by installing MERV 13 filters in air distribution systems and ionic air cleaning technology in elevators. UV lighting filters were installed to work alongside the MERV 13 filters, effectively killing 90-100% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particulates.

With the heightened concern over contaminated public surfaces, Greenhill Towers invested in resources that not only reduce contaminants in the air but also minimize contact with the virus on surfaces. NanoSeptic, self-cleaning materials that use light to continually oxidize contaminants, were installed on door handles and elevator buttons throughout the buildings.

While some businesses are establishing sanitation guidelines for their employees, the hesitation to return to work still remains for many. Hall, President of The Barber Shop Marketing agency, discussed the anxieties her employees felt and how Greenhill Towers alleviated concerns through the Healthy Building Initiative. According to Hall, complete transparency and a strong partnership between management and tenants has made all the difference at the Greenhill Towers.

“I have employees of all different age ranges and risk levels …. I think employees felt more at ease, knowing the building was being proactive and really taking action under the circumstances,” Hall said about bringing her team back to the office.

When noting the expectations tenants should have for their current or new office environment, Winton said, “I would ask specifically how your building has adapted to this new normal. For many, they are making temporary fixes. We are looking at this as a long-term commitment to health and safety.”

Winton and Hall agree significant additional steps must be taken by office landlords to minimize exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses. Measures such as bolstering air filtration and implementing advanced cleaning technology helps employees and staff feel more comfortable, according to Hall. Winton and Hall suggest tenants should stay in touch with their property management team, especially if they haven’t already been notified about COVID-19 preparedness steps.


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