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Haven Diagnostics is a medical analytics company that measures the infectious disease risk of in-office transmission. After compiling research on our buildings' layouts, access points, personnel protocols, and safety measures, Haven's scientific minds used a model of Marginal Risk Reduction or MRR. With this calculation, we can proudly state just how effective our Healthy Building Initiative has been.


The technology and practices implemented here at Greenhill Towers reduce in-office transmission risk by 72%. Dr. Gao, head of Haven Diagnostics, considers Greenhill Towers to be leading the way for office buildings across the country.


Based on the findings produced by the analysis, Greenhill Towers was awarded the Platinum Certification from Haven Diagnostics. Compared to other office buildings in Dallas-Fort Worth, our office towers are in the top 5% for the percent reduction of indirect COVID-19 exposure.


When we first set out to create the Healthy Building Initiative, we did so with the comfort and well-being of our staff and customers in mind. While we are proud of the steps we have taken to keep our staff and customers healthy, we will continue to use the information and data collected in their report to reduce any additional areas of risk.


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Dr. Michael Gao is considered one of the leading infectious disease doctors and applied artificial intelligence experts in the United States specializing in agent-based modeling. His latest project, Haven Diagnostics, is solving employers’ and landlords’ return to work needs from scientific and analytical approaches.


  • New York-Presbyterian: Medical Director for Transformation and Applied Artificial Intelligence

  • Currently on faculty at Weill Cornell

  • University of Michigan Medical School: Medical Degree

  • New York-Presbyterian: Resident, Internal Medicine & Silverman Fellow in Healthcare Innovation

  • UCLA: B.S., Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Genetics

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